Wood, steel, felt, sounds, touch, art, music. Mechanics, accuracy, durability, craftsmanship, technology.

Wood, steel, felts, sounds, touch art, music. Mechanics, precision, durability, crafts, technology. Two centuries of history of Hazen and the piano in Spain, presents an interesting collection of pianos made in Spain, and some foreign that allow the study of this beautiful instrument from 1790 to our days and can be visited in our museum Hazen OF THE PIANO.
200 years of passion for music
1814 - 2014
Congratulations Rubinstein

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We can not take care of, pampered and investigate the secrets surrounding this percussive winding mechanism and the sound produced by the action of the hammers on the strings, from his point of view as a mechanical object, as a decorative and as perfect musical instrument great difficulty of interpretation, the largest of the instruments, and the loneliest, as they face their own piano and pianist on stage.